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The other day I went to mountains to get some fresh air and relax at onsen. As this was not planned trip, I looked for a place in Tokyo area, and ended up in very western corner, a city called Akiruno.

Besides mountains, the Akigawa river with its ravine is worth seeing. Sadly it was a bit too early for autumn leaves, even though it got quite chilly in the evening.

When strolling around the city towards the mountains, I found this cozy Japanese style cafe. From outside the building looks like traditional Japanese house, but the interior is more old European style. Very Japanese, should I say.

Cafe menu consists mostly of Japanese treats though. I ordered sencha (Japanese green tea), which came with a small wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionary. According to the season, it was “momiji“, witch means autumn leaves. I also wanted to taste shiratama zenzai, warm rice flour dumplings with red bean soup. Zenzai came with houjicha, roasted green tea, even though it wasn’t written in the menu.

Akiruno is a nice spot to go for a day trip to get away from the chaotic Tokyo; in the summer the riverbed is also nice for BBQs. Next years’ summer trip destination decided…