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Walnut & Fig Hearts

Walnut & Fig Hearts

Although St. Valentine’s Day was last month, I decided to try to make heart shaped rolls. After proofing they aren’t quite as heart shaped as I wanted, but still quite cute. I used walnuts & figs in the filling, but other nuts and chocolate chips can also be used. Even cinnamon rolls could take this shape!

Walnut & Fig Hearts (8 pcs)

200 g plain flour
20 g skim milk
20 g sugar
a hint of salt
3 g dry yeast
30 g of egg lightly beaten
120 g milk
20 g butter (room temperature)

30 g walnuts (roasted)
2-3 dried figs
5 g butter (room temperature)
1 tsp sugar
(a hint of cinnamon)

1) Mix flour and skim milk in a bowl. Put sugar and dry yeast next to each other on one side, and salt on the other side.
2) Mix milk and lightly beaten egg and warm to 40°C in a microwave.
3) Add milk and egg mix to the bowl with flours, and make sure the yeast is mixed well. Knead by hand until the dough comes firm. Add the butter and keep kneading in a stretching manner. When the dough stops sticking to the bowl, make it a seamless ball and cover the bowl with wrap. Let proof in 40°C for 40 mins.
4) Roast walnuts in a oven for around 10 mins, and let cool down a bit. Crush them smaller pieces by hand. Cut the figs the same sized pieces as the nuts with scissors.
5) Take the dough out of the bowl and push it down to let the excessive air out. Make the dough to a ball and cover with wrap. Let rest for 15 mins.
6) Push the dough down again and make into a rectangular by using a rolling pin. Spread the butter over the sheet and sprinkle sugar over it. Sprinkle also roasted walnuts and figs onto the sheet. If you want, you can add some cinnamon for taste.
7) Roll from both side towards the centre so that they meet up in the middle. Use some water to glue them together so that the hearts won’t open while in the oven.
8) Turn the roll 90 degrees upwards so that the the upper part of the heart is towards the wall. Cut to 8 pieces with a dough scraper or a sharp knife.
9) Put on the baking tray and fix the shape. Put on a wrap and moist cloth, and let proof in 40°C for 25 mins.
10) Brush some egg on the hearts (use the leftover from making the dough) and bake in 180°C oven for 15-17 mins.


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