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Gratin-style Bread with Autumn Vegetables

Those who have visited a Japanese bread shop know that they are filled with original shaped and flavoured breads. There is roughly speaking 3 categories – sweet kashipan, savoury o-kazupan, and shokupan, bread for daily consuming, meaning white toast-like loaf bread.

Anpan (sweet red bean paste filling bread), kuriimupan (custard filling bread) and melonpan (soft bread topped with crunchy cookie dough) are probably the most known kashipan, but the varieties are many more.

However, most o-kazupan use cheese, mayonnaise, bacon and sausages – sometimes combined with season’s vegetables. So it’s time to get creative!

Gratin-Style Bread with Autumn Vegetables (8 pcs)

200 g plain flour
20 g sugar
4 g dry yeast
20 g egg
100 cc milk
20 g butter
1/2 tsp salt

White sauce:
25 g plain flour
25 g butter
300 cc milk
A hint of white pepper

Vegetables for filling:
1/2 pack of shimeji mushrooms
1 potato
1/4 onion
40 g bacon
1/2 tsp vegetable oil
1/2 tsp soy sauce

For finishing touch:
Some beaten egg
Grated cheese
Dried parsley

1) Make the dough first. Put half of the flour in a bowl, and put sugar and yeast next to each other on it.
2) Put the other half of the flour, salt and cubed butter in another bowl.
3) Pour the egg in the first bowl, but not on the yeast and sugar. Warm the milk to 42°C and pour on the yeast and sugar. Mix well with a wooden spatula.
4) Add the ingredients in the second bowl to the mixture, and mix until the “flourness” is gone.
5) Move the dough to a table, and knead by hand. When the dough comes nicely in shape, roll with both hands like drawing the alphabet V.
6) Move in a bowl, put a wrap on it and let proof in 40°C for 25 mins.
7) Prepare the vegetables next. Peel the potato and onion, cut the potato in bite-size and onion in thin slices vertically. Cut the stalk of the shimeji off, and rip in smaller bunches by hand. Cut the bacon in 1 cm slices.
8) Boil the potato cubes in salted water for 5 mins. Put 1/2 tsp of oil on a frying pan, and fry bacon over medium heat. Add onion slices and fry until they become transparent. Add the mushrooms and 1/2 tsp of soy sauce and mix quickly. When the potatoes are finished, add to the mixture and let cool down.
9) When the dough has become double the original size, push it down to get the excess air out. Move to table and cut in 8 pieces. Shape in balls and let them rest under wrap for 15 mins.
10) Prepare the white sauce. Put flour and butter in a microwave safe bowl (glass bowl is recommended), put a wrap on the bowl and heat in 600 W microwave for 2 mins. Mix well with a whisk.
11) Add 1/3 of the milk mixing well at the same time. Add the rest of the milk, mix and put the wrap on. Heat again on 600 W for 7 mins.
12) Mix well, put the wrap back on and heat another 2 mins 30 s.
13) Mix and add a hint of white pepper for taste. Add also the vegetables prepared in 8).
14) Line up 8 aluminum foil cups (Ø 8cm) on a oven plate. Take one ball of the dough and flatten by hand making a round fitting to the foil cup. Place nicely in foil cup and picket with a fork. Prepare all the rest dough balls in the same way.
15) Fill with the gratin sauce, put the wrap and moist cloth on them, and let proof in 40°C for 30 mins.
16) Brush the dough parts with beaten egg, sprinkle some grated cheese on the top, and bake in a 180°C oven for 13-15 mins.
17) Garnish with parsley and serve for lunch or night snack.



Walnut & Fig Hearts

Walnut & Fig Hearts

Although St. Valentine’s Day was last month, I decided to try to make heart shaped rolls. After proofing they aren’t quite as heart shaped as I wanted, but still quite cute. I used walnuts & figs in the filling, but other nuts and chocolate chips can also be used. Even cinnamon rolls could take this shape!

Walnut & Fig Hearts (8 pcs)

200 g plain flour
20 g skim milk
20 g sugar
a hint of salt
3 g dry yeast
30 g of egg lightly beaten
120 g milk
20 g butter (room temperature)

30 g walnuts (roasted)
2-3 dried figs
5 g butter (room temperature)
1 tsp sugar
(a hint of cinnamon)

1) Mix flour and skim milk in a bowl. Put sugar and dry yeast next to each other on one side, and salt on the other side.
2) Mix milk and lightly beaten egg and warm to 40°C in a microwave.
3) Add milk and egg mix to the bowl with flours, and make sure the yeast is mixed well. Knead by hand until the dough comes firm. Add the butter and keep kneading in a stretching manner. When the dough stops sticking to the bowl, make it a seamless ball and cover the bowl with wrap. Let proof in 40°C for 40 mins.
4) Roast walnuts in a oven for around 10 mins, and let cool down a bit. Crush them smaller pieces by hand. Cut the figs the same sized pieces as the nuts with scissors.
5) Take the dough out of the bowl and push it down to let the excessive air out. Make the dough to a ball and cover with wrap. Let rest for 15 mins.
6) Push the dough down again and make into a rectangular by using a rolling pin. Spread the butter over the sheet and sprinkle sugar over it. Sprinkle also roasted walnuts and figs onto the sheet. If you want, you can add some cinnamon for taste.
7) Roll from both side towards the centre so that they meet up in the middle. Use some water to glue them together so that the hearts won’t open while in the oven.
8) Turn the roll 90 degrees upwards so that the the upper part of the heart is towards the wall. Cut to 8 pieces with a dough scraper or a sharp knife.
9) Put on the baking tray and fix the shape. Put on a wrap and moist cloth, and let proof in 40°C for 25 mins.
10) Brush some egg on the hearts (use the leftover from making the dough) and bake in 180°C oven for 15-17 mins.


Kabocha anpan

Kabocha anpan

These small buns are filled with sweet pumpkin paste. Kabocha, Japanese pumpkin, is one of my favourite vegetables, as it has a slightly sweet and gentle taste. It can be used both in savory cooking as well in sweets ♪

Kabocha anpan (6 pcs)

200g kabocha (Japanese pumpkin)
30g sugar
50cc milk
a hint of salt
10g butter

160g wheat flour
1 tsp dry yeast
1 1/2 tbs sugar
1 egg
50cc water
a hint of salt
30g butter

1) Start with pumpkin paste. Cut off the green skin of the pumpkin and cut it to small chunks. Warm the chunks in microwave until they are soft. (Depending on your microwave, this may take 4-8 mins) Smash the soft pumpkin with a fork to make even paste.
2) Put the paste in a pot and add sugar, milk and salt. Boil down until you get the thickness you like (I prefer to boil it quite thick, as it is then easier to bake inside the buns.)
3) Add the butter and let the paste cool down.
4) Make the dough. Warm the water to 40 degrees. Melt the butter. Mix flours and yeast in a bowl.
5) Add sugar, salt and egg to the water. Mix well. Add the flour mix and knead until well mixed. Add the butter and knead until the dough doesn’t stick to the bowl anymore.
6) Leave the covered dough to a warm place (40 degrees) to proof for 35 mins.
7) When the dough has become 1.5 times the original size, move it to the baking board and punch the excessive air out. Cut in 6 pcs and make them round. Cover and let them rest for 5 mins.
8) Remove the air again and make round flats from the dough. Put around 1 tbs of kabocha-an in the middle of the round and wrap the ends together to make a ball. Put on the oven plate so that the seam becomes in the bottom.
9) Make five cuts with even distance on the bun so that you get balanced flower shaped buns. Let them proof covered in a warm place for 25 mins.
10) If you want, you can glace the buns with an egg and put some pumpkin seeds in the top. Bake in a 190 degrees oven for 13 mins.


White Cream Cheese Rolls

White Cream Cheese Rolls

These soft rolls are filled with a little bit sweet cream cheese filling. Thus they go well with tea!

White Cream Cheese Rolls (8 pcs)

200 g wheat flour
2 tbs sugar
a bit of salt
20 g butter
1 tsp dry yeast
100 cc milk
40 cc water

100 g cream cheese
30 g sugar
1 tbs skim milk

1) Mix the flour and yeast. Melt the butter and let it cool down. Measure milk and water in a bowl.
2) Add sugar and salt to the liquid, then add flour with yeast little by little. Knead the dough until all the ingredients are mixed well. Then add the butter and knead until the dough doesn’t stick to the bowl anymore.
3) Let the dough proof in warm place (40 degrees) for at least 30 mins, or until it has become double the original size.
4) Make the filling. Soften the cream cheese by warming it quickly in a microwave. Add sugar and skim milk and mix well. Put the filling to the freezer as then it is easier to handle when baking.
5) Turn the dough to a baking table and push the excess air out. Cut the dough to 8 pieces and let them rest for 10 mins. Put a wet cloth or some wrap on them so that they won’t dry.
6) Make round thins from the dough and put some filling in the middle. Bundle the ends together to make round rolls.
7) Let the rolls proof in a warm place (40 degrees) for around 20 mins.
8) Warm the oven to 180 degrees. When putting the rolls in, decrease the heat to 170 degrees and bake for 12 mins. If the rolls are getting too much colour, put some foil on them to prevent them getting too brown.